987 Motorsport AOS



  • All Cayman & Cayman S models – 2006-2008
  • All Boxster & Boxster S models – 2003-2008
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Motorsports Air Oil Separator – factory parts which can prevent oil ingestion in high speed cornering. 

If you drive your Boxster/Cayman on a track, certain conditions can cause a serious engine failure. High engine RPM’s during high speed turns will cause engine oil ingestion. This situation will be further aggravated if race tires are being used. 

Ingestion occurs when the air/oil separator is overwhelmed from the conditions mentioned, and oil is forced into an air ventilation hose. The result, oil is sent into the air manifold, which feeds oil into the engine cylinders. This causes extreme smoke from the exhaust, unusual back-fire type sounds, and can cause damage to the engine. 

The Motorsports air oil separator features a dual chamber canister, instead of the normal single canister. This added chamber will catch all overflow from the main chamber, and prevents ingestion by suction hoses. Designed especially for Boxster & Cayman models, making this a plug-and-play installation. Professional installation required, about a three hour job. Comes with the new air oil separator, two new connection hoses, and securing bolts. All other hardware can be reused. 

We experienced this in our Cayman S at the Sebring race track. It happened in a high speed curve while we were using stock tires. A frightening experience! Since it has been installed, testing at Sebring proved that the extra chamber is a huge improvment! No more clouds of smoke!!



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Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 14 x 12 x 6 in