EVOMSit 987 Software

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Software Highlights:
Increased 14HP / 14 TQ
while maintaining factory reliability

Improved Throttle Response
while maintaining or improving drivability

Smoother Power Delivery
specifically tuned for different hardware, octane fuel and climate

Integrated Switching Technology (IST) and Sport Pedal (SP)
IST: automatic octane sensing switching for automatic optimized power. SP: more responsive throttle settings

Dyno Tested in our state of the art AWD dyno cell utilizing our methodical testing procedures

Real World Tested in normal driving conditions as well as on the race track for optimized performance

OBD II Compliant NO check engine lights (CEL) – utilizes all of the OEM monitoring systems for safety

– Software is also available for the RS 350 & RS 370


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EVOMSit is fanatically obsessed with achieving ultimate perfection with our performance engine software. Our analytical tuning methods combined with methodical testing procedures, state of the art equipment and unmatched mechanical intelligence are fused together to create the ULTIMATE aftermarket performance software.

A critical and fundamental aspect of software development and tuning stems from a complete hands on mechanical understanding of the latest generation high performance Porsche engines.  This is the foundation of EVOMS and there are no other US based aftermarket performance companies that have more experience and has built more engines than Evolution MotorSports.  We have practically reengineered the entire Porsche flat 6 engine.  The combination of our extreme testing and tuning measures coupled with our immense mechanical knowledge and engine building skills clearly sets EVOMSit as a true leader in all aspects of engine tuning and engine development.

About IST
IST is an OEM feature that is built into the factory ECU and allows for automatic switching of ignition timing maps based upon input received from other engine sensors. Available for certain EVOMSit performance programs, the EVOMSit IST programming incorporates this intelligence for true and safe flexible power without compromise. The EVOMSit ECU tuning utilizes the multiple OEM ignition tables in progressive stages, which can optimize safe performance based upon outside conditions and different octane fuels. The ECU automatically switches to the best-suited ignition map creating an automatic “race mode” if race fuel is utilized. This IST function is always active and will switch automatically without having to physically change anything. IST is far more intelligent than any manual switcher found in the market. The use of manual switchers can cause serious engine damage if accidentally switched to a “race mode” without having race fuel in the car. This manual type of switching technology physically locks the timing map and can over ride the ECU’s ability to protect itself if unfavorable conditions exist. This manual switching is archaic considering that OEM ECU has the ability to analyze conditions and switch timing maps automatically. EVOMSit with IST is the intelligent way to utilize ECU timing map switching.

About SP
All E-Gas (drive by wire) cars from model year 2000 and newer have an electronic throttle valve, which is controlled by the cars ECU. Available for certain EVOMSit performance programs, EVOMSit Sport Pedal™ (SP) feature changes the ratio of accelerator pedal movement verses opening of the throttle valve which will increase throttle response. By modifying these maps in the ECU calibration, throttle response is drastically improved and the “throttle delay” which is a common complaint among enthusiasts is eliminated. Certain cars contain an OEM “sport mode” which incorporates this same Sport Pedal™ feature. For these cars, we incorporate the OEM “sport mode” pedal calibration for the regular mode and further increase the responsiveness of the “sport mode” with our improved calibration.




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